Will I have Cardiac CTA Level 2 Certification once I complete the online cardiac CTA course?

Cardiac CTA Level 2 certification will depend on your current CME and cardiac ct case needs.  Virtual CME has a variety of course offerings to meet your needs at every level.  Verification and certification information can be found on this page.  If there are any questions, please contact us at info@virtual-cme.com.

Are CCTA course instructors board certified in Cardiac CTA?

Yes, all Virtual CME faculty members are board certified and Level 3 trainers in Cardiac CTA.

Do I get to manipulate and review the cases?

Students will review cases utilizing a full 3D visualization system. In the beginning you will watch the instructor review the first group of tutorial cases and then review the cases afterwards. Later, you review the cases and compare your results with the instructors review. Students have a choice of watching the full case review, or skipping to the Diagnosis portion of the video where stills of the findings are shown.

What are the online cardiac CTA course requirements?

The Virtual Cardiac CTA course provides 100 mentored cases with lectures and webinars with the expert trainers. The mentored cases count towards the minimum number of mentored examinations interpreted according to the ACCF / AHA Clinical Competence Statement on Cardiac CT and MR (Budoff, et all, JACC 46:2005;383-402). The following websites provide information on verification and accreditation.

Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomorgraphy – Cardiac CTA Verification

American College of Radiology – ACR Computed Tomography Accreditation

American College of Radiology – Practice parameter for cardiac CTA

Certification Board of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

Do I need to be an advanced reader to take your online courses?

No, our courses are designed for physicians at all levels. All clinical cases have case review videos. The videos have two title sections (Full Case Review and Case Diagnosis). Novice readers have the ability to watch expert trainers review cases from A-Z. More experienced readers can focus on sections of interest using the table of contents within the video. For areas of difficulty, physicians are able to replay sections.

What kind of resolution can I expect?

All of our reviews and lectures are done in a high resolution. For an example please see video on home page.

What is the difference between your course and a live course?

Convenience and cost. We take a similar approach to training. Lecture, case review, and hands on training. However, Virtual CME not only offers our courses at a very competitive price, but also allows you to train in a location and pace that is comfortable for you.

How does your course compare to other courses out there?

There are many excellent courses in the market. In fact, our expert trainers have worked with the majority of the programs out there. The main ingredients of the training courses are the same. You are going to listen to a lecture, watch the instructor review cases and then review the cases yourself. Quality programs are going to provide you a variety of cases and your own full functioning 3D workstation. We provide all of this with a catch. Instead of trying to read as many cases as possible within a 3-5 day course while learning new material, we give you 60 days. You take the course at a pace and location that is convenient for you.

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